Teaching Experiences

Instructor of Record

POLC37 Global Justice (Summer 2020, University of Toronto)

CGE14411 Critical Thinking (Fall 2019, UOW College Hong Kong)

GCVM1036 Human Rights in a Multicultural World (Fall 2018, Hong Kong Baptist University)

GFVM1005 Ethical Controversies in Hong Kong Today (Fall 2018, Hong Kong Baptist University)

Online Courses

Hubert Project

The two online courses are part of the Hubert Project. Hubert Project is a global collaborative project among three institutions and training partners: (1) Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota, (2) Partnership for African Social & Governance Research, and (3) Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Hong Kong. It provides public affairs educators the opportunity to create and share multimedia learning materials to be used globally for university level and NGOs education.

Cross-border Relationships (2015): This e-Case documents the social issue of cross-border relationships in Hong Kong. Since Hong Kong’s handover to the People’s Republic of China in 1997, mainland residents are allowed to visit the territory with less travel restrictions. Adding to more frequent Hong Kong-mainland economic exchanges, there had been a notable rising trend of cross-border familial relations. Since the handover, more than 388,000 cross-border couples have married in either Hong Kong or on the mainland, which accounted for 16 per cent of the total number of households in Hong Kong. This e-case introduces students to the background of this phenomenon as well as relative government policies including the One Way Permit Scheme.

Intimate Partner Violence (2015): The social issue of intimate partner violence (IPV) in Hong Kong is getting more serious in recent years. The number of battered spouse cases tripled from 1,009 cases at 1998 to 3,034 cases in 2002, steadily increase to a peak number of nearly 7,000 cases in 2008. The case introduces the audience to common risk factors of IPV and how they relate to socio-economic characteristics unique to Hong Kong. These considerations often provide insights and nuanced explanations on why victims decline to leave an abusive relationship, or fail to recognize their being abused. The phenomenon also expands to cohabitants comprising family members. This case can be used in teaching intimate partner violence and family planning policies.

Teaching Assistant

University of Toronto

  • POL101 Power and Politics (TA for Courtney Jung & Randall Hansen, Fall 2015 to Spring 2017; TA for Ryan Balot & Courtney Jung, Spring 2020)

  • POL113 Ideas and Ideologies (TA for Aslan Amani, Spring 2020)

  • POL200 Political Theory: Visions of the Just/Good Society (TA for Armend Mazreku, Summer 2020)

  • POL377 Indigenous Feminist and Queer Theories (TA for Uahikea Maile, Spring 2020)

  • POLB72 Introduction to Political Theory (TA for Torrey Shanks, Fall 2017; TA for Igor Shoikhedbrod, Summer 2020)

  • POLC71 Political Thought: Rights, Revolution and Resistance (TA for Torrey Shanks, Spring 2018)

  • JPS315 Sexual Diversity Politics (TA for Julie Moreau, Spring 2020)

UOW College Hong Kong

  • DSS10601 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (TA for Benny Hon Kit Chao, Fall 2019)

The University of Hong Kong

  • CCCH9013 Love, Marriage and Sex in Modern China (TA for Petula Sik Ying Ho, Spring 2015)

  • CCCH9014 Social Development Challenges in China (TA for Lucy Jordan, Fall 2014)

  • CCCH9015 Population, Society and Sustainable Development in Hong Kong (TA for Paul Siu Fai Yip, Fall 2014)

  • CCCH9023 Family and Development in Modern China (TA for Maosheng Ran, Spring 2015)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • GPAD1095 Issues in Political Philosophy (TA for Po Chung Chow, Spring 2013)